Who We Are

Constellate is a live storytelling event and podcast, connecting community through true stories that explore ourselves and our place in the world.

Each month we produce a live storytelling show featuring 4-5 curated stories and one story from an audience member. We aim to foster connection and acceptance of vulnerability through the sharing of true experiences in the form of narrative, live stories, to support storytellers in the sharing of their experiences. To support our community, a portion of proceeds from each live show goes in support of a local not-for-profit initiative.


Based in Kjipuktuk in Miꞌkmaꞌki (Halifax, Nova Scotia), we host our regular live shows out of Good Robot Brewing Co and we are so grateful for their support. We are open and excited to collaborate on future shows and events. If you're interested in working with us please get in touch!


Greg and Emma met in 2016 while conferencing over scientific stories of ecology and evolution. Ever curious, the two have since been exploring the world, seeking joy, and jumping into new endeavours ever since. Looking for a way to contribute to their community and foster honest connection, and both having engaged with storytelling as a medium, they started Constellate in January 2019. 

Greg Puncher

Greg is simultaneously serious and silly, an empathic environmentalist with a lust for life and alliterations. He loves a good party, crunchy beats, crafts, and human connections. By day Greg is a fisheries geneticist and occasionally slings beer by night.

Emma Sylvester

Emma is a bright, bounding puddle jumper and an Enneagram 4. You can often find her boogying on the dance floor, working on a craft project, or flitting about the city between all her various jobs and activities. 

We could not continue to produce and distribute stories, or support local charities and non-profits, without the help of supporters. 

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